Careers @ QUS

At QUS, we pride ourselves on our ‘vibe’.

We are a team of likeminded professionals who are focused on servicing our brokers, getting things done efficiently and innovating everything we possibly can, so that we can stand proud and say – ‘At QUS, we do it differently’.

We believe in openness and transparency. We use ‘OfficeVibe’™, to allow everyone to have a say, every week, on how they feel on a range of work related issues. Anonymity is assured and the collective results are visible to all staff, in real time, all the time. This allows management to respond to any issues immediately.

Our ‘vibe’ says:

Our staff are happy. We rank in the top 4% of organisations for ‘happiness at work and home’

Our staff have great relationships with each other. We rank in top 7% of organisations for ‘relationships with colleagues’

Our staff are engaged in their work. We rank in the top 10% of organisations for ‘engagement with work’.

Happy, connected and engaged staff is what makes US, qUS.

We spend a lot of time with each other at work, so we ensure we only recruit people that complement our vibe, brand and culture.

We do things differently.

Technology underpins everything we do. Our offices are paperless and every staff member has a high tech, ergonomic work station, with 4 monitors. We use a range of innovative systems, software and apps to increase productivity, engagement and access. Every staff member also gets their own iPad for work and personal use.

Work / Life balance is something we promote. At QUS, there are no set work hours….only set targets. You leave when you’re finished. No questions, no dirty looks. We accommodate the personal and family needs of our staff and many staff work remotely from home regularly.

We incentivise your performance. All QUS staff participate in a generous annual bonus scheme, which is based on both team and individual performance (as well as length of service). We focus on results, and we reward achievement and contribution.

We invest in our staff. We want our staff to be the very best they can be! We provide staff with access to the very best training, coaching and development to succeed.

We reward loyalty – after 2 years, your superannuation increases to 12%, and your bonuses by 50%. Unsurprisingly, our staff are loyal and we have a low turnover.

We are constantly evolving and innovating. We focus on improving all the time. As a Team, we look to the future and consistently consider… “How can we do things better?” Then we do it better.

We believe in ‘giving back’ to the community. We give all our staff 2 days paid leave a year to work as a volunteer at your chosen charity. We support a number of charities (which are nominated and voted by staff).

Our Managers are ‘leaders’. They lead from the front, are approachable, accommodating and work in partnership with staff, at all levels, to achieve and exceed goals, as a united team.

About QUS

The QUS vision
We see ourselves as the leading provider of strata insurance products in Australia, by becoming the ‘broker’s first choice’. We will achieve this by doing things differently, doing things fairly and doing it with integrity.
The QUS mission
We are on a mission to achieve our vision by providing outstanding brand experiences to our brokers and their clients. We want to make every stage of working with us a simple and positive experience. We work in partnership with our brokers to provide their clients with quality, innovative strata insurance solutions at fair prices which benefit our clients and our capacity providers.

Our Values

Communication – we model openness, transparency and collaborative communication. We aim to simplify our communication on all levels to increase engagement, clarity and relationships.

Teamwork – more is achieved when we work together. We have each other’s backs. Team work is the foundation of our success.

Accountability –we take ownership for decisions, responsibilities and actions. We stand up when we make a mistake. We learn and we always move forwards.

Results – we focus on (‘win-win-win-win’) outcomes which benefit our brokers, their clients, our capacity provider and QUS. Our staff are conscientious and get things done.

Integrity – we conduct ourselves authentically and ethically. We aim to embody our values. We appreciate the same integrity in the people we work with and partner with.

Want to work with (q)US?

If you are resonating with our ‘vibe’ and would like to be part of something that is growing, evolving and listening – connect with the team on LinkedIn, and let us know:

  • Why you want to be part of the QUS team?
  • What would you bring to the QUS team?
  • How does your personal brand align with our brand?

We do not advertise for positions. We recruit staff by leveraging our networks and engaging with people that reach out to qUS directly.

Email your expression of interest and answers to the above questions to


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