AIG Agreement

QUS Strata Insurance Policies, underwritten by AIG Australia Limited (AIG)

QUS Pty Ltd t/as QUS (ABN 92 122 665 310; AFSL 321877) (QUS) have announced it has reached an agreement with AIG Australia Limited (ABN 93 004 727 753; AFSL 381686) (AIG) to be the new carrier for all new business and renewal QUS strata insurance from 1 December 2014.

What will the changes mean to you?

As a result the current capacity provider will cease to act as the underwriter for QUS strata insurance policies incepting on and after 1 December 2014. The new arrangement provides you and your customers with everything you currently receive from QUS – our dedicated underwriting team, our 100% commitment to broker distribution only, and of course the same day-to-day relationship management and support you’ve come to expect of us. In addition, this agreement with AIG will enable QUS to increase its risk capacity and location appetite.

Transferring to the new AIG policy

For each expiring QUS policy you will receive a notice of expiry from QUS on behalf of the current capacity provider together with an offer from QUS to arrange a new policy underwritten by AIG.

With each offer your client needs to receive the new Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and policy wording.

System changes

No system update is required of you. However, please ensure that you select the correct insurance underwriter when entering new or renewing policies in your broker system. Tax invoices issued from your broker system need to display both QUS as the agency and AIG as the underwriter from and including 1 December 2014.


All payments should continue to be sent to QUS. All account details remain the same.

Helpful Resources

We have developed the following items to assist you in transitioning your clients to their new QUS policy.

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